18q2 Classes

Our classes are given in Calender Quarters:

  1. January until March
  2. April until June (18q2 Classes)
  3. July until September
  4. October until December

Which classes does The Benson Center offer for her members this Quarter?
The above images link to web pages that show the classes offered in the present quarter, 2nd Quarter 2018 (April to June 2018), grouped per program type.

You can also view or download a pdf copy of our 2nd Quarter 2018 Class Schedule here:
2nd Quarter 2018 Class Schedule
2nd Quarter 2018 Class Schedule

Did you know that your membership application has to be updated once a year?
If you don’t know when your application expires, please check with the administrative office for this information.
Remember a current form of information is identification confirming your identification and residency will be required to register for classes.

Also see our Disclaimer.